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2/3/85 (Age: 35)

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    Sinh nhật:
    2/3/85 (Age: 35)
    Product Description:
    Origin: Vietnam
    Target Market: China
    Certificate: BRC, HACCP, IFS, HALAL, BSCI

    What is Black Tiger Shrimp:
    Striped like its jungle namesake, the black tiger shrimp is available year-round and is one of Asia’s major aquaculture products. Most tiger shrimp is farmed, though a significant amount is harvested from the wild by trawlers working mud bottoms from very shallow water to depths beyond 300 feet. The largest of 300 commercially available shrimp species worldwide, tigers can grow to 13 inches, but harvest size averages 9 to 11 inches.
    Nutrition Facts:
    Fat Calories:15.3
    Total Fat:1.7 g
    Saturated Fat:0.3 g
    Cholesterol:152 mg
    Sodium:148 mg
    Protein:20.3 g
    Omega 3:0.53 g

    Why Jupiter?
    Geography: The factory and farm base of Qingdao Jupiter International Trading Co., Ltd located in Chinese main agriculture production area, Shandong province and near Chinese main shipping port, Qingdao City.
    Price & Quality: From farm to factory, Qingdao Jupiter has an internationalized procedure to control quality. Relying on our owned production base, we can provide you products of the best quality and competitive price.
    Experience: Scale, flexibility and a wide range of exporting experience to work with Retailers, Food service distributors, wholesalers and importers.
    Service: Customers oriented is our rule for service. Through by pre-sale and after-sale service to fulfill the customer requirements efficiently and cost-effectively.
    Shipment: Rely on more than 20 years exporting experience, we keep closely cooperation with famous logistics, Qingdao Jupiter International Trading Co., Ltd. can handle sophisticated transportation worldwide.Shrimp