China Steel Balls And Stainless Steel Bead Bracelet factory

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    China Steel Balls And Stainless Steel Bead Bracelet factory (Bản đồ)
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    History & Evolution
    Chic Jewellery Collection Co., Ltd. is an exported-oritened enterprise, engaged in the sale and production of 316L stainless steel fashion jewellery for for men and women styles.We are also experienced supplier for Stainless Steel Metal Part for bag accessories. We provide guaranteed service, good pricing, delivery on time and 100% QC before shipment.Updated techonlogy, new material & novel designs are always used on our products.

    Our company was established in 2006, located in Dong Guan city with convenience transportation.It is near HongKong, Guangzhou & Shenzhen, China. During the company development period, we have cultivated keen market sense and accumulated sufficient experience to cooper with worldwide jewellers. So our products win a high admiration and is widely trusted abroad, especially in USA and Europe. After all these years of hard work and unremitting efforts, now our company has a promising prospect and good market development potential.And In the future, we will attach more attention to improving enterprise overall strength.

    Products & Business
    Now there are more than 30000 styles collections in our showroom. Our products cover all range of stainless steel jewellery(men and women) from rings, bangles, bracelets, necklace, pendants, keychain, earrings, cufflinks to stainless steel metal for bag parts and accessories.And all our products are diversified lateset designs with a wide selection of styles and color.

    Our main business includes two kinds, 50% is OEM business from the brand client, the rest 50% is selling our designs in the worldwide markets like America, Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Austria, Australia, Japan, Brazil and 50 other countries and regions.

    Technology & Facility
    We, Chic Jewellery, now has a complete industrial supply chain, including design, marketing, purchase of raw materials, quality control, manufacturing and after sale service team.We have more than 100 employees, all of whom are high quality professional talents .And we have quite experienced design & techology team for support.We use softwares like UG, PRO/E, CAD, JEWCAD, Rhino & CorelDRAW to make the file confirmation (TD-Tech Drawing & PPS-Pre-Production Sample).

    Our skilled workers can manipulate the advanced production equipments, such as CNC Machining Centre, Laser cutting Machine, Wire Cutting Machine, Lather Soldering Machine, Stamping/Press Machine, Drilling Mahcine Machine, Casting Machine, Polishing Mahcine, Water Cleaning Mahcine & PVD/IP plating Equipments.Our experienced staff and high equipped facility enabled us to support you competitive on your market! Welcome the new & old customers consultation, custom, our team dedicate to serving your business needs with all our sincerity.

    Price, Delivery & Quality Certificate
    All pricings from Chic Jewelry are reasonable.We extremely obtained the best supply chain resourcings on stainless steel metal manufacturing procedure in China.Any eqnuiries and discussion are wellcome from valued customers.

    In general, our sample time will be around 10-25days & mass production(MP) will be 35-50 days. It depends on different designs.Of course, if huge quantity per order we may need more time accordingly, hope you can understand.

    Morever, Chic guarantees to be 100% responsbile for the quality problem.Any mess or wrong order, defective products can be returned, repaired or replaced with new correct ones.All our products passed related testings, like 316L Stainless Steel Material Test, REACH, RoHS, Neutral Salt Spray Test, Nickel Release Test.
    Certificate View

    Our Business Processes
    1.Customer inquire & business negotiation.
    Accept client's OEM, communicate with client to know and understand client's products design requirements.

    2.Design & develop products.
    Making 2D/3D design drawing;
    Estimating the production costs;
    Negotiating price and reach an agreement on business cooperation.

    3.Receiving original sample from clients & sample making by us.
    Make molds and tools for production use;
    Optimize and improve samples based on cients feedback;

    4.Produce in mass .
    Clients confirm order, then we arrange to produce in mass.
    <All chemicals and raw materials we used comply with European standards, such as REACH & ROHS, etc. >

    5.Deliver finished products to clients on time.

    6.After-sales service & maintenance service (We will charge according to the cost for the following service if broken by clients or cosumers..)

    Renovate customer return items damaged or mishandled by clients;
    Produce a small number of discontinued models and their parts at the request of client.
    Repair and polish products already passed the maintenance period.

    Our Culture
    1.Mission is building a happiness team with strong sense of belonging and can achieve self-worth .
    2.Vision iS becoming the best strategic cooperation partner in China for more foreign investors.
    3.Core Value is comprehensive people-oriented, benefit customer, staff &society.
    4.Core Competitiveness is professional & efficient resource integration ability; exploring and satisfying customers' requirements;identity our company culture.
    5.Business Philosophy is to be upright person, do the right thing.
    6.Morality is Integrity always& profit reasonable.
    7.Managenent Regulations is fair & just, rewards & punishments.
    8.Behavior Concept is Team-work, Diligence, Learning, Sharing, Loyalty, Honesty, Gratitude, Modesty, Profession, High-Efficiency, Progressiveness.
    9.Working Concept is Goal, Responsibility, Insight, Thinking, Communication, Creation, Result.

    All in all, it is our persistent pursuit to offer you first class service and 100% guarantee.If you are interested in any of our products or would like to discuss a customized order, please never hesitate to contact us. We are looking forward to building win-win business partnerships.
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    China Steel Balls And Stainless Steel Bead Bracelet factory

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