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    Double Back Tape Made in China (Bản đồ)
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    outdoor double sided self stick tape:
    outdoor double sided self stick tape is using white PVC as backing material and coated with solvent acrylic adhesive. It has two thicknesses 225 micron and 300 micron, suitable for fixing model / decorative objects in furniture industry, as well as fixing load components in electric industry.

    Liner: Brown release paper(=Yellow glassiner release paper liner)
    Adhesive: Solvent acrylic
    Adhesive color: White
    Jombo roll: Width 1260 mm (usable 1240 mm)
    Length: 500 meters
    Log roll size: 1240 mm x 50m or customized
    Cut roll size: 50 mm x 25m / 50m or customized
    Thickness: 200 mic , 325 mic
    Popular items:
    225 mic ×1260 mm (usable 1240 mm)×50m
    325 mic ×1260 mm (usable 1240 mm)×50m
    Slit roll: Width/length available upon your request
    Package: Standard package for export

    High tack. High tensile strength
    Multiple sizes can be customized
    High viscosity for rough and non ductile surfaces
    Anti aging
    Double Back Tape Made in China

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