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    New Chevrolet Silverado Sierra Android 6.0 double din Car Stereo GPS Navigation System
    Product Introduction
    SKU : JY-MM001N2
    The Mazda android auto is the newest system high quality with CE , offering 2 year warranty .
    It runs the Intel CPU android 6.0 with RAM 2GB ROM 32GB. We undertake a number of national projects, and our research team has repeatedly study abroad, has accumulated a wealth of technical experience.
    Product parameter
    Product feature and details :
    Guidance Before Purchase:
    Note: Please take some pictures to show your car center dashboard as well as the car model and year to sales@carjoying.com . Then we can help you to confirm which android head unit can fit and work in your car.
    Resolution:1024*600 HD:
    . When you watch the video, it will show the high-definition imagine.
    GPS Navigation&Picture in Picture:
    .Google Maps App can be run
    .PIP Function:when use Navigation,Browser,etc. , you also can enjoy video.
    Fast Booting Up & Lower power Consumption:
    . For the first time boot up only need 10-15’
    . after that , boot up only 2-3’ needed
    . Only 11mA standby current,save your car battery.
    Screen Mirroring Function:
    . Mirror your phone’s screen to the head unit, text ,pictures and videos can be shared in a big screen instead of your phone .
    .Compatible with Android 7.0 phone and iPhone iOS 10
    Bluetooth 4.0:
    . Access to phone book,search contacts by name or number,make Hands-free calls,listen to phone music with Bluetooth 4.0.
    .Includes NFC sticker,quickly connect/disconnect Bluetooth for Android phone.
    Steering Wheel Control
    .For the steering wheel control, please see this blog for reference
    Auto Sleep Mode:
    Though screen go black , the music or radio stilling running in the background .
    Sizes and Package
    1) Joying head unit can't support like below: iPod, original car GPS antenna, original car back up rear camera, original car bluetooth, original car USB as well original car Microphone.
    2) Joying Android car radio can't support video out to headrest or second displayer.
    3) Kindly remind you that pls don't upgrade ROM from Malaysk on forum xda-developers or upgrade with other firmware which is not provided by Joying Official. Or it will result in some problems even may broken the head unit. also may can't update your head unit with our future firmware anymore, and finally lost the service of head unit warranty.
    Payment & shipping :
    Q: Does it support steering wheel control?
    A: Yes
    Q: What radio chip is in the head unit?
    A: TDA7786
    Q: Does the head unit support HDD?
    A: Yes, it supports HDD up to 500GB.
    Q: Does it includes canbus box?
    A: NOMazda Car Stereo price

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