Nylon American Flag

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    HANGZHOU (Bản đồ)
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    Product name8x12 nylon American flag
    MaterialHeavy-Duty Nylon very Durable
    ThemeUnited States
    StyleAmerican Flag
    Pattern production modeDigital printing Or custom embroidery
    OEM/ODMAccept Customize
    The national flag is the ideal and most popular large outdoor flag.
    The flag is made of thick nylon fabric with high quality digital printing to suit all conditions of outdoor weather. Increase the length of the design so that the flag can fly freely on the large flagpole without interference.
    The brass buckle of the flagpole ensures the safety of the flag. And high quality brass fasteners do not rust, this is the most important point of the large outdoor flag, it will not affect the beauty.
    Packaging & Delivery
    Packaging DetailsPearl Cotton, Clear Film Bag,Wooden Box or according to customer's request.
    Delivery TimeThe specific time can be contacted with our company to discuss the delivery time together.
    Nylon American Flag

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